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Ah, the D’Entrecasteaux Channel (at last!)

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After feeling the heave of the ocean swell for the last 12 days, our intrepid team have steamed into the D’Entrecasteaux Channel and are cruising gently along in calm water. A little while ago they passed Kettering and are now heading to Cygnet to spend the night. A BBQ dinner is planned with friends ashore. Then tomorrow, on a rising tide, they will complete the journey to Franklin. Click on the heading to see the photo of the chart plotter showing their route.

Storm Bay

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Going around Tasman Island was always going to be tough in the current conditions. But once around we expected things to improve as the wind moved from dead ahead to abeam as course was altered to head up Storm Bay. Laurence sent this report en route: “Punching around Tasman Island into 40kn Sou’wester with 4m swell. No worries she is a staunch ship!!” and a video to illustrate the point. (Click on the heading above then on the link below to view video)  

Lay Day at Fortescue Bay

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It is nice and sheltered in Fortescue Bay and looking out to the horizon you can see a lumpy sea. Enough motivation to wait it out for better weather to round Tasman Island. You don’t see Loui complaining though. He is always ready for a trip ashore. The photo below shows Loui eating/chewing on a stalk of bull kelp. Good if you are iron deficient. The temperatures have dropped and the heater is running. Phil is used to Byron Bay weather where it is a pleasant 25deg at the moment….read more