Arrived in Sydney

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Shy Alba arrived at Sydney Heads early yesterday morning. All as planned and without incident I am happy to report.

However the crew have been silent. Maybe catching up on sleep! After some prodding here is today’s log entry direct from skipper Laurence.


Departing Franklin on a full tide at 8 pm , sad looks from girls and dogs on the jetty we headed around the channel to Kettering for fuel.

The fuel dock was very tight and windy so kept going.

Heading across Storm Bay it soon earned its reputation by smacking us with  a nice 40 knot SW change”

Anything not already stowed was re-lashed 

It was a good trial of the new autopilot which coped well

Around the corner into Port Arthur were we anchored in Safety Cove under the shadow of Mount Arthur. 

A good if slightly rolly night and we were off hunting tuna

This leg around Tasman Island , into Monroe’s bight then out around The Hippolites would be our most promising for big fish.

Alas Huey did not deliver a big blue barrel despite rum libations offered up

So into the Mercury Passage to head for Triabunna for fuel

We anchored in Prosser Bay off Orford which is a delightful spot and a good alternative to muddy Spring Bay

The fuel truck was at the cargo wharf at seven as arranged so we were under way by 8am up the coast.

The weather reports were a little ominous so we pulled into Wineglass Bay for phone reception and an update on Meteye.

This confirmed it was lay day time which we spent fishing and preparing for the trip across Bass Straight.

Also a good rest after busy pre departure schedules 

A good fleet was in the bay with us

Visiting yachts returning north, around Tasmania fleet on last legs of their trip

An alloy French racing yacht ( he jumped onto the strong sou’wester the day before)

Big motor boats up from Hobart

Cray and line fishing boats, it’s a busy little refuge and a magical refuge for passing boats.


After departing Wineglass we had SW winds for the morning as we sail up the coast

The predicted se wind kicked in at 10-20 knots and stayed in that quarter for the next three days

The boat run like a train with rpm increased to 1500 as we encountered the south setting Current east of flinders island

We ran a headsail during the day with a reef in the main

This have good stability and more drive

Seas gradually built over the 98 hr Passage to be lumpy

We came in close to Jervis Bay and passed inshore of the John Young Banks with Dallas using his local knowledge to save some heavy current beating.

Up the coast and dodged busy shipping

We came through the heads at 3.30 am (on Wed 5/4/17) and ran into middle harbour to wait for light

Dropped Dallas of at Middle Harbour Yacht Club and proceeded down the harbour to Rose Bay where we have a great anchorage close to family and transport.

To be anchored with Sydney Harbour bridge in front, superyachts and seaplanes all around is very surreal after windy Wineglass Bay.

Then three days ” into the dark”, as Phil put it, to emerge in sparkling, busy Sydney from the Bass Straight wormhole.

Shy Alba as a boat performed very well and did not miss a beat.

New electronics performed well and give a lot of new information to navigate with.

As ever we ran paper charts as well with regular log entries.

We ran the latest software updates to or Raymarine gear and benefitted from some great new features in the gear we already have.

The rudder indicator bar pops up on the plotter when you turn to standby so you can settle in on the wheel knowing we’re the rudder is – handy!

AIS was great in the shipping channel to see who that big black shape blocking out all the coastal lights is.

Even the stereo can be controlled from the Raymarine a98 which saves peering at the main unit.

Lighting reviews have given a good balance between cabin and night running lights.

Engine system review, service and upgrades have resulted in a very reliable propulsion system.

In summary a great trip with some good shipmates in a great little ship”

There you have it. A great end to a great voyage. Thanks to Laurence, Philip and Dallas for bringing Shy Alba safely to Sydney.