CruisePics Log

A night at Cygnet

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Shy Alba reached Cygnet about 7:30pm yesterday. Laurence and Phil had a lovely BBQ dinner ashore. The water was like glass. Such a contrast to the last week or so. This morning was a slow start as departure was timed for the rising tide to continue up the Huon River to Franklin.

Ah, the D’Entrecasteaux Channel (at last!)

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After feeling the heave of the ocean swell for the last 12 days, our intrepid team have steamed into the D’Entrecasteaux Channel and are cruising gently along in calm water. A little while ago they passed Kettering and are now heading to Cygnet to spend the night. A BBQ dinner is planned with friends ashore. Then tomorrow, on a rising tide, they will complete the journey to Franklin. Click on the heading to see the photo of the chart plotter showing their route.